Prostitute cheaper than dating

If it was published today I imagine everyone would be fired and the article censored immediately.

speaking if you're a high earning male there's no point at all in getting married.

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Form blue eyes, black hair a novel-- in the novel the character states paying someone for sex would be like "nobody being there at all." Even cheaper it is, if the man learns Game, even does a bootcamp and then fucks girls usually not spending more than 50$.

I believe he is analyzing a problem that doesn't exist. I thought this was familiar but the OP's article is satire based on a real article that talked about the substitution effect between whores and wives.

I remember this article created quite the ruckus and got the media hamster spinning off its wheel.

Charlie Sheen was also spending thousands a night for prostitutes to spend the night.

Ones that look bright, VERY slim, with perfect skin, and able to actually like sex with a strange guy are quite rare, and when I was looking were over 0 per hour.

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