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The Nissan was found on Thursday and trained dogs detected the scent of human decomposition in the trunk.

Vence was seen on surveillance video taking a large laundry basket with a trash bag as well as cleaning supplies from his apartment on May 3.

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Following Vence's arrest, Quanell X told FOX 26 the mother feels like she failed her daughter. Due to injuries he said he suffered during the abduction, he reportedly lost consciousness for about 24 hours, regaining it on Sunday, May 5.

"She’s devastated that she knows she could have done a whole lost more in better protecting Maleah on several different fronts," Quanell X said over the phone. But, the telltale signs were there and so the mother is beating herself up." Vence reported to police that on May 4, he was on his way to George Bush Intercontinental Airport when he heard a sound that made him think his silver Nissan Altima had a flat tire. He said he found himself on foot in Sugar Land and walked to Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital for treatment. Although Vence reported his silver Nissan Altima was taken in the abduction, surveillance video showed someone in that Nissan Altima dropped Vence off at the Methodist Sugar Land Hospital on May 5, according to HPD Homicide Division Sergeant J.

“The main thing right now that all of us want to know is what did he do with Maleah,” he said. ” As Quanell X spoke to reporters, he was drowned out by a group of people, including some family members of Maleah’s father who yelled “she let it happen” and “Brittany knew all along.” Quanell X previously alleged that Vence might have abused Maleah and that Bowens should have told police about it.

They also reviewed the neighbor's surveillance camera, that Quanell X and Maleah's mom Brittany talked about at a press conference.

A basket similar to the one seen on the surveillance video was found in the Nissan’s trunk.

Investigators also found blood in the hallway and bathroom of Bowens and Vence’s apartment.

When asked by reporters why — if she had concerns about Vence — Bowens had left her daughter in Vence’s care while Bowens attended her father’s funeral out of state, Quanell X declined to comment, saying, “I’m not going to speak to that.” As Bowens and Quanell X headed to an elevator, they were followed by the hecklers, who yelled, “Justice for Maleah” and “murderer.” Tamisha Mendoza, a cousin of Maleah’s father, Craig Davis, said she questioned why Bowens stayed with Vence if she suspected he was hurting her daughter. She needs to be locked up along with him,” Mendoza said.

Craig Davis didn’t attend the scheduled hearing because “he is devastated” about what happened to his daughter, Mendoza said. “The things that happened to her, she didn’t deserve.” According to police, Vence told officers that he, Maleah and his 2-year-old son were abducted on May 4 by a group of men in a truck.

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