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This all seems all too set up, but once you realize that the occupants can come and go as they please, the content starts looking pretty different than the other “hidden cam” xxx porn videos that are featured on tube sites.

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The concept of the site is pretty simple yet addictive as hell.

When you want to watch free porn, you go to a tube site.

When you want to watch real life hidden cam porn, one that’s not scripted but comes from the desire to have true homemade sex, this is the place to go. There are hidden cams set up all throughout this apartment that was rented out so that people who are a part of Real Life Cam can live there and lead their private life there.

Then it was “Ed TV” and so on, movies that ushered the new way TV was going to be viewed as.

The concept was a genius one since we humans have that urge in us that drives us to spy on our neighbors, that drives us to behave like idiots and through it all, reality TV was born. It was only a matter of time before high-quality porn was merged with this concept.

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