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Just to put it in perspective, if this is present time, if you wanted to put, when was the Roman Empire?Well, if we're talking about 2000 years ago, it would show up on our timeline right about there. Another way to think about it, think about all of our ancestors, the various generations that have passed since the first appearance of anatomically modern human beings.

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Radiocarbon dating, which could be used for things up to around 50,000 years old, so around that time span on our timeline.

But things get, in some ways, even more interesting before we have writing, when we go into prehistory.

You might wonder how do we know anything about what happened if there's no written accounts?

You can imagine if there's a bunch of groups of people here and we get the history from this group, for some reason we were able to find what they wrote, well it might not be completely unbiased.

They might have a negative view of this group or that group.

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