Rori raye dating coach

I forgot the wisdom about men needing time alone after cycles of intimacy.We didn’t talk for a few days but he wanted to make up. I kept nagging him about every little thing he said and how he said it.I think she’s great in some levels and she helped me lay the foundation of my method through introducing me to the concept of leaning back vs. And her concept of circular dating has been a practice of mine even before I found her though her circular dating is not all about dating per se.Other fellow coaches like Evan Marc Katz and Renee Wade have addressed the downfalls of circular dating and how it’s pretty unrealistic to get a man to commit.He still wants to hang out, he still recognizes that I am an amazing woman in life, and I get the sense the door is still open in many ways.Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer me.

I asked him why he never spoke up about being unhappy dating me, and he said he didn’t realize he was unhappy until the moment he was breaking up with me. He was pursuing me hardcore and showering me with affection until that fight. I am a highly anxious woman and I think Rori’s stuff has helped, but in the long run also made me very self-indulgent and kind of addicted to it, you know?

I don’t blame him for having concerns about a future with me. Because of my Rori training, he knows that I don’t want to date unless it’s headed toward marriage, something I regret harping on now that I realize that with the right attitude, there’s no reason to bring this shit up the way I did.

So he says he doesn’t want to date me now unless he knows he’d be interested in marrying me.

My last two guys did not appreciate the way i brought up keeping my options open every time my expectations weren’t met.

Katarina, he is a world traveler and moves on quickly so I don’t want to waste the opportunity to reunite with him romantically.

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