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) - the band don't appropriate musical styles, but come up with a style all of their own! Songs still sound great, and of course they too had a style all of their own. The Jam looked cool, but they couldn't do without the mod revival safety net.Pete Townsend chords, thunderous riffs, a raw soul yelp... No disrespect to the Jam - they were still a billion times better than the sickly sweet plastic pop or navel-gazing indie whingers we have to put up with now (it's just that the Clash were bette).If I'm correct, didn't the Sex Pistols rip off the Jam song 'In The City' with 'Holidays In The Sun'?!?! Tracks like Rock The Casbah and London Calling don't even compare with the likes of Town Called Malice, Going Underground and Strange Town.Weller is a genius, he's still writing quality tunes today. I really like Paul Weller & The Jam (the last Weller CD is wonderful!I consider "All Mod Cons" and "Setting Sons" to be Paul's "Revolver" & "Sgt Pepper". In terms of live performance, The Jam, in terms of live atmosphere, The Clash.In terms of lyrical minimalism, The clash, in terms of lyrical intricacy, The Jam.No band will ever have the loyalty the Jam had because no band will ever be more in touch with its Fans and the Nation. A fine body of work with each album differing from the last.

Never before or since has such a potent force have had the balls to quit at the top rather than fade into mediocrity.Ability to wriggle out of your ill-conceived tory supporting views whilst wearing two-tone shoes - the Jam.Throughout the 70s, 80s and to a lesser degree 90s I saw hundreds of bands but noone, with the solitary exception of Bob Marley, came anywhere close to the Clash for live performance.This also meant they could achieve cross-over appeal outside the punk/New Wave movement while the Clash core support accused them of 'selling out' when they diversified from their early style.The Clash have done little since they split to dilute their memory, while Paul Weller continues to make music of varying genres and success.

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