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You’ll find that most tools provide sample tasks, which can be good suggestions, but don’t blindly copy them.The tasks that you give participants to do on your site or application are highly specific to your situation.Some tools only offer unmoderated user testing with participants from their panel, while others will provide you with a URL to distribute to your own pool of testers.Using a provided participant panel is fast and easy (especially if you recruit from a broad and general population): people are familiar with the study technology and methodology and can participate in your test as soon as they have time.Since users’ verbal and written comments can be misleading, you have to watch their behavior on a website in order to understand what works or doesn’t.While conducting live studies you can follow along with the participants as they conduct activities, but during unmoderated studies you need to be able to watch a recording afterwards.Make sure you have the option to specify basic demographics as well as additional qualifiers such as “Must have a Facebook account” or “Must buy something online at least 1x/month.” The downside of using panel participants is that many do these studies so frequently that they’ve learned to focus on certain aspects of the design and look for things to critique.To compensate for possible “professional testers”, recruit extra participants and exclude recordings from people who didn’t seem honestly engaged with the activities.

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For in-person user research pencil and paper might suffice, but remote studies require technology — usually in the form of a cloud service.It is not enough, as some online usability-testing services offer, to ask users questions about their experience after they’ve used a website.Other tools are focused on gathering quantitative data by tracking where the user clicks.Screen recordings are helpful, but, in the absence of an audio recording, it is easy to miss why certain behavior occurred.If nothing is happening on the screen, is it because the participant is reading, or is she thinking about where to click next?

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