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Please read the Review Guidelines before requesting your first book! have been provided to More Than Words Promotions & PR with the Authors full consent.The main jock character often occupies a high position, such as the quarterback or captain of the football team.In many cases, the jock is shown to come from a wealthy family: driving a fancy, expensive sports car or SUV, and wearing expensive, name-brand clothing; however, this is not always the case.Examples from television shows include Nathan Scott in the teen drama series One Tree Hill, Whitney Fordman in Smallville and Luke Ward in The O. As antagonists, jocks can be stock characters shown as lacking compassion for the protagonist and are generally flat and static.Often in high school comedies or dramas where the main characters are not popular, the jock is the chief antagonist and cruel to the main characters.

The mass media borrows many stereotypical characteristics of athletes, and they are commonly used to portray a character who is relatively unintelligent and unenlightened, but nonetheless socially and physically well-endowed.

This change often means a cessation of athletics or some other equivalent social sacrifice, which leads to the character no longer being considered a jock.

Examples from movies include Randall "Pink" Floyd in Dazed and Confused and Andrew Clark in The Breakfast Club.

In the United Kingdom, the term 'Jock' is a stereotypical (possibly, but not necessarily, derogatory) term for a Scotsman.

Jocks are often present in books, movies, and television shows involving high school and college.

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