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It is also clear that the poets(rsi, brahman, vipra, kavi) of the gveda and their aristocratic patrons regarded themselvesand their followers as arva/arva. In the sequel, I will carefully distinguish between the following usages: first, thearva/ariva/airiia languages, which I will call by their technical name, Indc-Iranian (IIr).3When referring to their Indian sub-branch, I will use Indc-Arvan (IA, or Old IA). Thapar 1968, Southworth 1979, 1995) indicating thespeakers of Vedic Sanskrit and the bearers of Vedic culture and Vedic ritual; it simply meant'noble' by the time of the Buddha and of the early Sanskrit drama. Linguistic and cultural acculturation THE AUTOCHTHONOUS ARYAN THEORY 11. By the time of the Buddha, the IA languageshad spread all over the northern half of the subcontinent and had displaced almostcompletely the previously spoken languages of the area.

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