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Our legitimacy is also in the balance: European strategies and decisions that require national political involvement cannot be effectively implemented unless they are fully understood and supported by the Member States.

I know that your committees pay close attention to economic developments in the euro area and to the European Central Bank’s decisions. I also want to hear what you have to say and take your questions, because Economic and Monetary Union is an ongoing project.

More recently, to help stimulate the flow of financing to the economy, the Governing Council decided on new unconventional measures to support the provision of credit.

We gave banks access to five-year refinancing operations on the condition that, in exchange, they boost their lending to the real economy.

The National Assembly, like all of the national parliaments, plays a vital role every day in the necessary interaction between national and European institutions.

In countries gripped by financial difficulties, financing conditions remained restrictive, despite the easing of monetary policy.

This led to an unprecedented accommodative stance in our monetary policy, a stance carried out via a wide range of measures, some conventional and others unconventional.

As you know, the principal channel used to implement conventional measures, those used by central banks in normal times, is the interest rate channel.

And the third was to combat the risk of prolonged weakness in inflation at a time when all of the ECB’s conventional instruments had already been used.

These challenges guided our actions in pursuit of our price stability objective.

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