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“Tom’s view is he wants it built on the right site,” Rothschild explained. Once a location is determined, Rothschild said, RBTL will plan to raise million more in private donations and also ask the state Senate, Assembly and the governor to pony up million each.A billionaire former gubernatorial candidate could be looking to give Donald Trump a boost in New York this fall.Americans Elect is currently in the midst of an online Presidential primary, in which ANY voter regardless of party can vote.If you haven’t done so already, you can become a delegate and cast your vote for anyone you like at ” “My choice for President is Tom Golisano.However, he maintains a house in Monroe County – which has the nation’s highest property taxes compared to home value – and recently gave a seminar on how to successfully challenge your tax assessment.

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A reporter in Rochester asked Golisano, who ran for governor on the Independence line in 1994, 19, if he would ever consider getting back into politics. Of course, Golisano was chuckling as he made the comment.One thing Rothschild said is not clear yet is where the new center will be.The RBTL prefers parcel 5 at the former Midtown Shopping Plaza in downtown Rochester, there’s not guarantee the city will go for it. He is not tied to any one site, and certainly any decision will involve his visiting the selected site as well.” Rothschild said one concern is that the RBTL may only be able to feasibly continue to use the Auditorium Theater downtown if the Midtown site is chosen.“I’m just an observer from this point on although, I don’t know, maybe Mr. His influence these days is also a bit more limited, now that his permanent residence is in Florida.The former Buffalo Sabres owner said he hasn’t formally endorsed any presidential candidate but plans on voting for Trump.

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