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When Paul first joined the WWE he was welcomed by Vince Mc Mahon wanting to name him Reginald Du Pont Helmsley, a comical name that did not have Levesque laughing very much at the time.But Levesque fought back against Vince’s wishes, and thus, Hunter Hearst Helmsley was born.Later, they realized they had liked each other and before they started romantically, they asked for Vince’s permission. (Because Steph wasn’t actually allowed to date a superstar.) And the old man allowed it so. One day, Vince tells them that he’s taken back their permission to date because of what the people would think. The leading WWE family was apparently not destined to be at one point, with Vince Mc Mahon flip-flopping over whether or not he’d actually allow Triple H aka Paul Levesque to date his daughter Stephanie Mc Mahon in real life.While it’s a well-known story in the WWE Universe, Stephanie recently opened up about the episode in a new interview., former WWE superstar Ricardo Rodriguez is claiming that Triple H is racist towards Hispanics and allegedly has stories to back up the accusation.

The two met because of a storyline in the Attitude Era.The official WWE website is proclaiming that Triple H’s NXT will be as big as Monday Night RAW in the future, and there is already talk about a WWE Network Championship belt being created.Paul Levesque certainly has an interesting history with the Mc Mahon family.E’Dawn’s birthday is June 1, and Hyun A’s birthday is June 6, and according to the report, they invited friends and celebrated their birthday together with a party on June 4.In response, their agency Cube Entertainment commented, “Hyun A and E’Dawn are not dating.

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