Updating firmware china mp4 players

If this is the case, it can usually be resolved by reinstalling or updating the driver.Sometimes connection problems that aren't driver-related can be fixed by upgrading your portable's firmware, particularly if you have an older device that has known issues in this area.I have a portable mp4 player (looks like mp3 player but has tiny video screen) and I am having trouble knowing what kind of video file format is required so that the mp4 player can play the video.I loaded a typical avi file into the mp4 player, but I get a "file format error" message when I try to play the video.I am guessing that AVIConverter can convert standard video to 128x128.I don't see anything mentioned in the documentation about required FPS. The software to render it is available on the internet for download.I'll see if I can figure out the Chinese documentation that came with the player. I have no desire to play movies on a 1 inch screen.Somebody else bought it at China Wal-mart about 2 months ago and it quit working (wouldn't turn on) right after the 30 day warranty expired.

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) (See screenshot 1 for the Gspot of this video.) I then went to the shop where I bought the mp4 player and they loaded a short video clip that plays fine on the mp4 player.Is there simple software that can do this conversion? Most of it is in Chinese and my computer doesn't render that.However, I see several softwares, the first one is AVIConverter Setup 5Also, the AC3 was automatically changed to the proper codec.Is it possible that this software (AVIConverter Setup 5.0.exe) is created specially to create files that work on mp4 players (without dealing with all of the required parameters)? As pointed out earlier, many of these players have very strict requirements, and the software that comes with is built to meet these requirements exactly. Media Info is another codec reporting app like g-spot.

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