Updating srcds

This batch file will download the garrysmod content aswell as CS: S, dods, hl2mp, tf, sin, and the ship content but it will not copy any non multiplayer content, see the next section for that.

Now go back to your hldsupdatetool you originally downloaded. Now right click the shortcut file you just created, click 'Properties'.

Command(s): You might want to go and grab a cup of tea at this point, maybe go for a jog.

Alternately: If you already have Garry's Mod 10, you can extract the server files from "steamapps/garrysmod.gcf" using GCFScape.

First of all download hldsupdatetool from the VALVe webserver. Do not save it to where your server will be, this will cause a conflict resulting in the error: "Please close the half-life dedicated server update tool that is already running.Now run the hldsupdatetool from the directory you saved it, just by double clicking on it like normal. Type in the commands mentioned here and end a line with the enter key.Navigate through the wizard like you are used to, which means next most of the time. Command(s): The new version of HLDSUpdate Tool will be downloaded now.echo If you want to close srcds, close the srcds window and type Y depending on your language followed by Enter.title Server Watchdog :srcds echo (%time%) srcds started.

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