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I currently run Windows Vista and am getting tired of Vista's decision to tell me that it is going to shut down in less than a minute. I note that I can purchase an upgrade versiom for 64 quid from Amazon or an apparently full version of Windows 7 Home premium for 89 quid. Outlook 2003 died mysteriously after update Setup in a nutshell... The file is now so big that it is almost impossible to send it by mail.My question is this - If I buy the upgrade version will I only be able to load it on a new PC in the future if I already have windows Vista installed? System: Lenovo T500 laptop OS: Vista Business SP1 32-bit Software: Office Outlook 2003 SP3 Problem... Of course we made a pdf but for archiving in our knowledge base (format for latter use) I really need to get its file size down.I was wondering if there are performance considerations when creating indices on this history table.That is, do I get a performance improvement if the index resides in the default file group or if it resides in my HISTORY file group.Thanks in advance, Gary Hi ary, You can create a seprate file for the indexes, that would help as the index read/writes would be from a seperate file.Sriram application records transactional event...latest update too MSCFV2Hi, I have MSCFV2 version 6.5.7825.0.

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Preferred file group Our application records transactional events (maybe 300K to 500K rows per day) on a separate file group called HISTORY.Then next time the report runs, In my query criteria I will test for True values on the Yes/No field.Then only the records with the Yes/No field marked No will print. Thanks Tommyboy,there's more to this question than meets the eye.I have Windows XP Home SP3, with Microsoft Update set to automatic download - can anyone tell me why I do not get all the necessary upadtes? I also often get on computer startup a message requesting me to send an error report to Microsoft that includes a few episodes of Outlook not responding.Any idea what this could be about and how to prevent both? Backing Up Money Files Do any versions of Money allow backing up data to cds, rather than floppy discs?

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