Vegetarian dating non vegetarian

At the very least, it's easier for them to find a date than it would be in the likes of Hungary and France (where just 15% would rather date a vegetarian).

In fact, the UK's 29% puts Brits towards the front of the pack: just ahead of Norway and Sweden, who came in with 27% and right behind Germany on 30% and Finland on 31%.

As long as there is mutual respect and understanding, there is no reason diet should get in the way of love. Part of the fun of dating someone who shares your own veggie lifestyle is experiencing new culinary adventures together.

Instead of going to the same old restaurants and pubs for dinner, try new vegetarian restaurants that will make your taste-buds soar!

Show them that you are invested by recognizing and respecting their lifestyle as a whole, not just what they order off the dinner menu.

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The best way to sweet a vegetarian single off his or her feet is by remembering that there are many more important things to focus on than what they eat.For another 30%, it's planning the menu for special, food-based occasions like Christmas, while for 14%, it's choosing a restaurant for date night.For meat eaters dating vegetarians, the top three concerns are remarkably similar: 36% think that cooking daily meals together is the hardest thing about dating a vegetarian, 29% think it's eating meat in front of their partner, and 17% think it’s planning the Christmas menu.Indeed, 65% of meat eaters in the UK would dump a vegetarian who confronted them with an ultimatum along the lines of ''.'' What's more, the prospect of facing just such an ultimatum is enough to put several British meat eaters off of vegetarian dating: 20% think that the threat of attempted conversion is the number one reason not to date a vegetarian.However, it may just be that meat eaters have beef with the ultimatum itself rather than with the vegetarian lifestyle.

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