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The IRS website about private collectors lists the names and phone numbers of the real private collectors it uses. The worst part for me was I thought this person loved me. Especially when you have been friends for over a yr. I feel for all of us that have been scamed I understand what you are saying about being very hurtful and stupid. DON' T GIVE MONEY TO ANYONE unless you KNOW it's legit and you've checked it out! An old, old friend whose product I have used for years, Quicken, was sold by Intuit to a Canadian company in 2017.You can make a complaint about a private collection agency or report misconduct by its employee, at 800-366-4484. In addition, they would tell you to overnight a check to them before providing any service! you wonder why they hate you so much that they could do this to you. You should have a presentation on deceptive marketing for those companies that skirt the legalities to rip you off...especially all the companies that offer a cheap product and bury information about it being a "membership subscription" at a couple hundred dollars a month 6 pages into 8 font grey terms and conditions. I am being bombarded online to "upgrade" to Quicken 2018.2 / 254 703 093 900 / Our state-of-the-art Contact Centre is available 24 hours a day, staffed by professionally trained consultants who can provide you with a range of customer care and banking services. Use our voice chat service to talk to our consultants. Use our live message service to chat with our consultants.The Standard Chartered hotline offers a wide range of customer service and support solutions: Video chat Prefer face-to-face interaction? I also been the victim of a scam since 6/2017..first begaing with relachionschip on line and escalated from there .i paying his he said he got a 1milliom 3 hundred and 57 thousand that he will put me as his.beneficiary but never money went to the account so the last thing he did was cancel the papel work to and do it from here.i did se t for his.flying ticked and i till waeting for him This is very embarrasing this peopler dont have a geart on them. He says he was born in US but working for government in Yemen. He won't facetime bc he says there's a call ban. He's stolen some soldier's pictures and account. Low and behold he was in his home town not even traveling.I dont know what im going to do but it took from mi 30 thousa d plus mi car a d all the shame a d enbarrasment tjat go alone with it Im past mi 60 a d dont know what will happe d from mi now and mi family as i texting im on the street homless Older adults and their families can find help at Use the website to look for help in your community for housing options, legal help, food assistance and other needs. I believe I am in the middle of a romantic scam, and know just how you feel. He won't send anything current..generic pictures. I have done searches on the images but nothing has come up. So please beware of these kind of calls as well Scammed for 9. When I called I was referred to 2 businesses who handled this type of problem. Had me entirely fill out a check, sig, everything which they copied from my printer.I haven't given him near that much, but now he wants over 00 for delivery of a "Box" that suppose to contain million. Long story short, next day stopped payment on check and closed that banking account. Facebook and other social media could do a lot to help prevent scammers using stolen accounts and photos .They could encourage people to report scammers and remove them.

Internal Revenue Service send my balance to a collection agency, I called that agency and they told me in order to avoid further collection process for me to pay 80% of my balance my getting a pre-paid visa so it can be process faster.

Insights from Smartlook give us around 10 improvement suggestions for each client.

I love checking how our visitors interact with our website; it's amazing.

They often ignore reports Also they allow adverts that often make false claims It comes down though to people being lonely and vulnerable regular warnings on public forums such as FB would build awareness. I understand that Barack and Michelle Obama are doing this.

Also Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria, he left his pulpit to do this scam with the automatic shipment each month.

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