What is the difference between a serious relationship and dating

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Also, what is the difference between "casual dating/relationship" and a "serious relationship"? I think casual leaves you open to date other people.

A relationship really depends on what the people decide as goes for a serious relationship. dating = hanging out, drinks and dinner and talking.

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Some folks may opt to not have the conversation at all, which lands them in the realm of a “situationship” at its worse and an “exclusive dating” scenario at its best. “They tiptoe around one another, wondering if they’re dating, dating exclusively, are in a relationship.” Continuing, “Simply put, dating exclusively means both people are only focused on one another.

The lines between casual and serious can become blurred, so let’s explore what each really looks like. Casual dating is when you see someone, but there is no commitment per se.Casual dating is when you're still getting to know each other with no expectations, and deciding if you both want something more serious.A serious relationship is when you're exclusive and see the potential for something long-term (marriage).“When it shifts into a relationship, there’s a focus on the longer term,” Concepcion explained.“There’s a desire to get on the same page about bigger life goals, such as living arrangements, finances, family, career goals, and anything requiring true partnership.” This is why it’s important to know what your significant other wants during this season of life before you get too ahead of yourself.

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