Who is deitrick haddon dating

I've grown rather fond of the men and their first ladies, especially Jay Heazlip, Wayne Chaney, and Ron Gibson's one-liners. How was Deitrick Haddon's second (technically third) wedding? They reminisce about how they met sixteen years ago and how their relationship has grown along the way. The episode begins with Noel dining with Loretta at her restaurant, and she is all dolled up for the occasion.

Adorned in a white wedding gown, Damita Haddon palms the head of her new spouse alongside a simple inscription: “The Chandler’s.” It’s official.I honestly didn't miss Noel Jones or Deitrick Haddon. Ron is getting spiffed up at the barber shop because he's the key note speaker at an upcoming minister's conference.The other shop patrons question Ron about his thug swagger.After months of sharing relationship details, she jumped the broom with Reuben Chandler, Saturday, May 3. Chandler, who got hitched at Open Word Christian Ministries in Fairburn, GA, says she has been overwhelmed by the love and support of those she calls her “sincere friends, family, supporters & loved ones” throughout the process of moving forward.Her new found joy is something she has been very open about celebrating, particularly after overcoming one of the most difficult tests of her life—the shattering of her 15 year marriage to gospel star Deitrick Haddon.

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