Who is hilary rosen dating

Even when posing for pictures, there are certain angles she likes and others she won't permit.

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Rosen, who became a lobbyist 20 years ago, has been calling lawmakers by their first names ever since. She once took a break from lawyering to write a screenplay called "Dykes in Oz," featuring a character with a lipstick switchblade.Congress and the Clinton administration backed a bill last year barring same-sex marriages -- dismissing couples like Birch and Rosen, regardless of their clout.The Washington world has accepted them, but only to a point.They mingled with a dozen senators at a beach retreat in Nantucket, entertained Hillary Rodham Clinton at their home in the Maryland suburbs and partied with Kathy Mattea and her country music pals at a bash on the vice president's compound. Within Washington's rarefied government circles, they are regarded as deal-makers who know how to put on the pressure without overdoing it. The detail is both meaningful and irrelevant -- meaningful because both say they could not have made it in this town had they stayed in the closet, irrelevant because theirs is in some ways a typical, if complex, story of Washington success."We're the crossover couple," says Rosen, the 0,000-a-year CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America.

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