Who is riley smith dating 2016

In addition to the dinner PDA, the duo has been popping up on each other's social media in recent weeks.

Just last month, Hale and Smith wrapped season one of their upcoming CW show, which she documented on Instagram.

Although they've recently started dating, nothing has become super official. News in the fall that he never had been in a relationship before because of the difficulties navigating fame and personal life.This means she has to figure out how to get a job and return to a normally paced existence.It doesn't help that her family is no longer keeping up the false positive facade that they gave her when they thought she way dying. Will Grant, who has a "soft-spot for his patients." According to Deadline, he has a romantic spark with Stella, which is problematic since she's already has a husband, Wes, played by Elliot Knight — a man she married "on a whim" when she thought she way dying. Though Smith's character doesn't make an appearance in the official First Look Trailer for the series, it's is evident that there might be trouble on the horizon for Stella and Wes regardless of the doctor's involvement.Hale and Smith are currently working together on the upcoming CW series where she plays the lead character and he has a recurring role.The new romance comes after her split from long-time boyfriend Anthony Kalabretta.

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